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2012-08-24 Workshop Marzolla Giuliano
Alfa Romeo in Novara since 1977

Everynotes -
The Authorized Workshop Marzolla Giuliano was born in 1977 thanks to the long experience of the owner experience in the auto industry, which since 1960 has led to a great passion for engines and in particular for the prestigious Milanese born in 1910, the ’ Alfa Romeo.

If we think that even Henry Ford, founder of the American automaker, during an interview in 1939 he said, "When I see an Alfa Romeo I take off my hat," what could we ever say we, who for over thirty years we combine experience and passion for this timeless brand?

In addition, over the years, the workshop Marzolla Giuliano has distinguished itself in the auto repair thanks to the ever-changing, updating constantly with new equipment of last generation and, not least, thanks to continued participation in training courses by all employees.

The passion "Alfista" did not prevent the Workshop Marzolla Giuliano to specialize in the repair of any car brand Italian and foreign, giving the entire staff experience at the highest level. Without exaggeration we can say without a shadow of a doubt that we have your car is in good hands.

Another great passion of the owner was the repair and restoration of classic cars. The extreme attention to detail and vast experience makes the workshop Marzolla Julian is one of the best shops in this particular field. (For more details, please visit the section located on this site.)

In more recent times, followed by the owner in this great adventure were the children Tamara and Matthew, who have had the opportunity to learn the passion, experience and tricks of the trade from his father captured in the course of his professional life. For many years, are the new pillars of the Workshop Marzolla Julian, who will continue as usual, repair and pamper your car.
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